Nothing is more important than maintaining a healthy mind and body. At ChiroMax Wellness Centers, we offer a fresh perspective when it comes to nutrition.

Our philosophy is that you have to become healthy first to achieve results, not the other way around. So, we have initiated a program totally focused on that goal for our patients.

Naturally we all know good health is the result of a daily routine that includes exercise, eating the right foods, and eliminating stress to maintain the right focus. For most of us this can be a challenge, so it’s important to get the nutrients you need from other sources.

We believe it is best to conduct tests to uncover what’s going on with your body so we can make effective plans to make it right!

One of the first steps we take to help all our patients is a better understanding of what the right foods are. So, here is a list to remind you of the healthy choices when you do go shopping.


Our Health and wellness program includes full Evaluation and Metabolic Counseling as well as complete Nutritional Testing services which can help evaluate your current health condition and determine what specific plan can support a healthier and happier life for you.

Please Click on the links below to find out more about how our Nutritional Program can benefit you and help you achieve a longer and healthier life.

At ChiroMax Wellness Centers, we provide One-on-one Individualized Metabolic and Nutritional Counseling and complete Nutritional Testing services. Our patients commonly seek advice and specific guidelines about weight control, nutrition, eating disorders, nutrition therapy for special diets, and fitness.

if you need guidance and help when it comes to nutrition and need a comprehensive nutrition and metabolic counseling and testing call us at:

(713) 691-8355 (I-45 Location) or
(713) 222-6374 (I-10 Location)

to schedule an appointment. At ChiroMax Wellness Centers we are dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy mind and body and can offer you a fresh perspective when it comes to nutrition. Most forms of insurance accepted.

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