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We are committed to providing our patients with exceptional quality, compassionate and comprehensive care that make a difference in their lives.

Our patients come from different walks of life with different backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: they found comfort and ease in receiving care from our doctors and staff.

But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. See Our Patient Reviews or Click on the video clips below to watch first hand as a few of our patients get to share their stories with you. We are certain that you’ll have a similar experience by becoming a part of our family.

Take a look and decide for yourself.


Q: First tell me your name
A: My name is Al Kaznoon

Q: And City you live in?
A: I live in Kingwood Texas

Q: And your profession?
A: I’m a marketing executive

Q: What’s been your experience with ChiroMax, clinic, staff and Dr. Ameri in particular?
A: Actually it’s been a very pleasant one surprisingly because I’ve gone to other clinics prior to my accident just for health reasons and generally they make you wait and the staff in a lot of cases are impersonal and that’s something I noticed right away here. As soon as I came in I was greeted by name, they already knew who I was and they were expecting me so that was a pleasant surprise. It made a first impression on me.

They were also very thorough in their initial exam and I noticed that the Dr. took her time with me and she was very thorough and they have excellent communication skills I found out. They gave me a protocol they want me to follow. They gave me a schedule which made it easy and they are very flexible.

They worked with me so I come in when it’s most convenient for me. So overall it’s been very pleasant experience. I really enjoyed coming here, and I noticed a big difference in the way I feel since the accident.

Q: And what is it that you found different about here?
A: Like I talked about, it’s just the thoroughness and their professionalism and they genuinely seem to care. I mean just the fact that they know me and you know it’s not just all about the treatment.

I’m comfortable with the staff you know I have conversations with them outside of the realm of my care and it’s kind of like I found a new family here and I think that’s what make them kind of stand out from the other places I been at.

Q: And how are you feeling now…..
A: Much, much better honestly I didn’t think I was going to get out of the complications that I’ve come into so quickly and thanks to their techniques and the program that they put together it’s been extremely effective. So I’m not one hundred percent back but it’s been a short time and I’m expecting to get back to normal pretty soon. So it’s been great, a great experience.

Q: And how did you find out about ChiroMax?
A: Actually my attorney referred me, they gave the option to about three different clinics and so I found through my attorney and checked about the three clinics that he mentioned and I was impressed by the information that I found online about them. Sure enough I came in and you know they met my expectations and actually exceeded them.

Q: So that’s what made you choose us?
A: Yes initially based on what other people have shared about this clinic kind of convinced me and I came in and I saw that I had a similar experience.

Q: And would you recommend our clinic to friends and family?
A: Absolutely I already got a couple of my colleagues to look into the clinic for just health services, not just for accident injury related services and I have actually started using the nutritional counseling that I find helpful. So yes I’ve already done that and highly recommend it.

Q: How long have you been coming to this clinic?
A: About two months

Q: Oh ok well thanks for coming in.
A: You’re welcome.


Q: Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background?
A: My name is Valerie; I am from Houston, and I am a Graduate Student at the University of Houston in Clear Lake.

Q: What brought you to the ChiroMax Wellness Centers?
A: About 6 weeks ago, I was involved in an auto accident; my lawyer referred me here and it’s been a great experience.

Q: What type of injuries did you sustain? Tell us a little bit about the accident.
A: Somebody ran the light and I had no time to stop; I ended up hitting them; t-boning them. It caused back injury, neck injury, and severs injury to my right arm. It’s been a process; coming here every day and making sure all the treatments are done. And if you follow the treatments, you’ll actually see progress – you will!

Q: Did you seek help at a hospital or anywhere else?
A: I’ve had several surgeries and I don’t just go to hospitals unless I’ve died! So, no. I did not go to any hospitals. I came here right away.

Q: What was your experience with the staff and the doctors at the ChiroMax Wellness Centers?
A: I wasn’t looking forward to coming to another doctor’s office, and I was pleasantly surprised, just how -specially the nurses, especially Rubi; everybody was so pleasant; everybody was so kind. They are genuinely interested in how you are doing; not just how your injuries are doing, but how YOU are doing as a person. And I just really respected that and I appreciated that.

Q: What type of treatments have you been receiving that has helped you at the clinic?
A: It’s progressed. It started out with heat therapy and electro therapy, and then after 2 weeks, it progressed to light exercise and traction tables and the neck traction, the muscle tables and several things like that.

Q: Have you seen an improvement in your condition? And how do you feel now?
A: There has been a definite improvement. Every week, I would come back after having rested on the weekend, and noticed on Monday that there has been an improvement. It’s slow and steady. But you have to come; you have to do the work; you have to do the work at home! It’s a process – but if you do it right, you will get better!

Q: So you have benefited from the treatments?
A: Definitely!

Q: Would you recommend your friends and family members to ChiroMax Wellness Centers?
A: Yes. 100% Yes, If they were in the same situation, then Yes!


Q: First, tell me your name?
A: Bobby Kaznoon

Q: And city you live in?
A: Houston, Texas

Q: And your profession?
A: I work at Best Buy and I also just started my own company

Q: And what is your experience with ChiroMax clinic and staff with Dr. Ameri in particular?
A: It’s been definitely a one-of-a-kind experience; it’s been definitely not what I expected. A very good experience

Q: And what did you find different about here?
A: There’s a certain level of care and professionalism that I notice with everyone in the staff, with the way that everything is conducted here. I don’t feel like a price tag or a number or a patient while I’m here. The staff, the doctors and everyone here goes above and beyond to make sure that I’m taken care of that I’m okay. Whenever I’m here I really do feel like I’m in good hands which is definitely something very good to have when someone is adjusting your spine and what-not

Q: And how are you feeling now that have received the treatment?
A: Well I started receiving treatment because I was in an accident about a month ago. I was hit while going on the highway. I was hit by a trailer on the right side and I was in a lot of pain and all I could think about all day was the pain I was in.

I guess, now, that’s the best part because now I can focus on other things because at first I couldn’t go to work and I couldn’t sit at my desk and now I’m able to start exercising again and beginning to not think about being in pain all the time. Like, in my back, I have my mobility back. It’s not sore and tender.

Especially I felt almost immediate result after they started electrical treatment. I definitely feel better a lot faster than I ever thought I would have.

Q: And… How did you find out about ChiroMax?
A: I was actually referred to them by another friend who also had a pleasant experience here and usually I don’t go beyond my comfort zone and what I’m familiar with. She gave a very excellent review, so I figured I take a risk and I’m very glad that I did.

Q: How long have you been coming to this clinic?
A: Since the accident so about a month

Q: And would you recommend out clinic to your friends and family?
A: I would absolutely recommend it because they will experience something here that they won’t have anywhere else. They’ll get result faster and I know they’ll be in good hands. It’s probably the only place I recommend.

Q: Well, Thank you very much.
A: No Problem.


Q: Can you state your name and tell me a little about yourself?
A: I am Brandon Myers and I am from Houston, TX; I work for the Harris County Blood Control.

Q: What brought you to Our Clinic?
A: I was recently in a car accident and my lawyer referred to Dr. Ameri and this clinic.

Q: Did you seek any help or go to another clinic before coming here?
A: No. Actually, I came straight here once my lawyer told me how good this clinic was.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your experience with the clinic and the Dr.?
A: They have really good staff and doctors. They’ve helped me get well really quick.

Q: What type of therapies have you received at the clinic?
A: I’ve received muscle stimulation, heating treatment, use of treadmills massage tables, and such.

Q: When you came here, what kind of pain did you have?
A: I was in really bad pain, in my back and in my neck.

Q: How are you feeling now, after the therapies?
A: I am feeling really good. Now that I’ve come to all the therapies, and I did all the exercises properly, I was able to recover quickly.

Q: Do you have any pain at this time?
A: No pain. I can move my neck from side to side; I can bend up and down like I want to; I can work like I was before.

Q: So overall, do you feel this has been a good experience for you?
A: This was a great experience; they have a good staff who help out; they make sure you get here and get set up, and do what you have to do.

Q: Would you recommend your family or your friends to this clinic?
A: Most Definitely; 100%. I would recommend them because this clinic is fantastic.

Q: Well, Thank you very much.
A: Yes Sir.