Auto Accident Injuries

Your Auto Accident Chiropractor and Chiropractic Care

At ChiroMax Wellness Centers, we offer auto accident injuries rehabilitation treatment for your auto accident injuries to your neck, upper back, shoulder and more. Your auto accident chiropractor is trained to diagnosis the different types of auto accident injuries and to then recommend specific chiropractic care treatment approaches for those auto accident injuries including auto accident injuries rehabilitation.

At ChiroMax, Your auto accident chiropractor will use therapies and gentle manipulation of your spine to return you to a healthier state. Your auto accident chiropractor’s goal is to return his auto accident injuries rehabilitation patients back to normal spinal mechanics along with relaxing muscles without auto accident pain.

Get the Proper Care for your Auto Accident Injuries

Your auto accident chiropractor is trained to evaluate your entire spine for auto accident injuries rehabilitation. This chiropractic care evaluation will include your neck, mid back and the lower back. It is important to remember after your auto accident that just because your low back is hurting, that low back pain may be coming from somewhere else along your spine.

Since your nerve energy goes from your spine to your fingers, toes, every organ of your body and everywhere else except your nails and hair, it is imperative that your spine and all your other joints be in alignment. When they are not in alignment, the nerve energy gets pinched and you suffer from tingling, numbness and all manner of pain. This will also cause loss of function which can be even more problematic than pain.

Your auto accident chiropractor will establish areas of limitation in your joints, the likelihood of muscle spasms, disc injury, and probable ligament auto accident injuries. By checking for discomfort, pain, stiffness, and the level your spinal joints move, your auto accident chiropractor is able to establish a plan of chiropractic care measures to restore your back to optimal spinal health after your auto accident.

Do not be surprised if your auto accident chiropractor analyzes how you walk and also look at your overall posture and spinal alignment after your auto accident and periodically to check your progress. These facts will assist him recognize your personal body mechanics to see how your spine is functioning since your auto accident injuries to design the best auto accident injuries rehabilitation.

Auto Accident Symptoms and Chiropractic Care Treatment

There are treatments that have not been “scientifically” proven as effective for auto accident symptoms that you might want to ask your auto accident chiropractor if you can do them at home. Just ask your auto accident chiropractor before using them as they may have been helpful for other auto accident patients but unwise for you.

Your auto accident chiropractor encourages early movement instead of immobilization for your chiropractic care. Using ice may be the last thing you want to do when you get hurt. It was the last thing I wanted to do, but he was right as ice kept the auto accident pain and swelling down. Your auto accident chiropractor may tell you that ice can be used during the first twenty four hours, and all activities after an auto accident should be gentle and careful for auto accident injuries rehabilitation. So if you have been involved in an auto accident and have been injured call us at:
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